Our economy is collapsing BY DESIGN: ‘Everything is about to change’ | Glenn Beck

  Glenn continues to warn that soon you won’t recognize your country. Everything is about to change, he says, and especially in relation to our economy — which Glenn says is being pushed into a second-world type of economy BY DESIGN. Costco is limiting items to counteract supply chain challenges, rural roads soon may mirror […]

Globalism – An International Prophecy | Dr. David Jeremiah

  Dr. David Jeremiah explores the benefits and dangers of our 24/7 interconnected world in light of prophecy. See more from Dr. David Jeremiah in the description below 👇 00:00 – What Should We Be Doing? 01:58 – “Globalism – An International Prophecy” 28:23 – Final comment from Dr. Jeremiah Request 3 Free months of […]

Schmitt: Follow the money and you’ll find the elites backing the leftist Squad

THE TAXMAN COMETH Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 182

Ingraham: Democrats finally get what they always wanted

It’s Time to Prepare for Lower Living Standards in America

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