Vote Counts Altered on USB Drives; Facebook Fact Checks Georgia Footage; Big Lawsuits | Facts Matter

  Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov A witness in Nevada alleged that USB drives (which stored election data) had their vote tallies changed overnight… numerous times. How could this happen? Article Resources: 🔵 Georgia: 🔵 Nevada: 🔵 Arizona: 🔵 Wisconsin: – 🔔 Subscribe for updates:

Sidney Powell: evidence of fake Chinese ballots; AZ lawmakers call for audit of Dominion machines

  NTD Evening News- 12/04/2020 1. Pence, Perdue: “Defend the Majority” Rally 2. PA House of Rep. Will Not Certify Electors 3. Arizona Lawmakers to Audit Voting Software 4. Powell: Evidence of False Chinese Ballots 5. Votes Looked Like Scanned Copies: Witness 6. Ga Governor Calls for Signature Audit 7. Nevada Election Fraud Hearing Evidence […]

Rep. Jim Jordan on Newsmax TV 12.4.2020

Seeing Reality – Answers News: December 2, 2020

Expert reveals why China is afraid of Trump; Over 1,000 Chinese researchers with hidden ties fled US

CBN NewsWatch PM: December 4, 2020

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