Do masks even WORK?! Government hypocrisy during COVID-19 pandemic SHREDS its credibility


Do masks work? Is social distancing effective? Just how deadly is COVID-19 for an ordinary, healthy person? These are just some of the questions Americans have been asking for months now, and it would be nice if somebody in government ADMITTED the answers are still unknown. Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson says that, within the scientific community, the verdict on coronavirus is still constantly being debate. And so, anytime an elected leader ridicules or judges an American for finding contrary conclusions about how to safely live during the pandemic, that leader slowly shreds government’s credibility to dictate our lives.

Black pastor CALLS OUT community for racial divide & cop DRIVES THROUGH ‘peaceful’ protesters


Will the racial divide in America ever be healed? According to one Houston Pastor, it’s up to the BLACK community to fix things. He shared some hard truths during his recent Sunday sermon. And, when Detroit cop was surrounded by “peaceful” protesters during a riot on Monday, he did what most would to escape danger: drive through the crowd. But, despite the fact rioters were climbing on his ROOF, outrage against the police still ensued.

Houston pastor preaches on the true crime in the black community


On Tuesday’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Pat and Keith highlighted a Houston pastor’s message about race in America and the source of crime in the black community.  According to the pastor, children must be taught how to love themselves more than they have been shown to hate themselves. He later called problems facing the black community “self-inflicted.”