Foundations of Freedom | Episode 18 | A Republic that Stands | David Barton | Michele Bachmann


Throughout history, nations have experimented with various forms of government. From tyrannies and monarchies to democracies and republics, the world has witnessed the triumphs and failures of these governing institutions. So where does America fit within these categories? Are we a democracy or a republic? How did the Founding Fathers choose America’s government? And most importantly, what forms of government works best?

Directed by Tom Newman
Starring David Barton, Michele Bachmann

Michael Knowles: Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In | Ep. 589


Big tech becomes even more like Big Brother, Biden continues to enjoy his year-long weekend at Bernie’s, and male feminists continue to show how creepy they really are. Text MK to 83400 to get notified for more fun videos! 00:00 – Instagram Spying 01:32 – Viewer Comment 04:40 – Big Tech Hearing 09:51 – Mail-In Ballots 16:34 – Biden Doesn’t Know Where He Is 21:33 – Kamala as VP Leaked by Politico 25:57 – Where Should Trump Give His Nomination Speech? 27:48 – Suburban Lifestyle Dream 30:19 – Vice: Wokefishing 34:42 – Mailbag

The O’Reilly Update: July 31, 2020


– Professional sports slowly returning to the country
– Teams and fans trying to figure out how to bring back the games without spreading COVID
– Major League Baseball made it a week before it hit the Miami Marlins
– NFL set to kick off September 10th in Kansas City
– The NBA relocating all athletes and staff to Disney World in Orlando
– More than 4 million folks turned into baseball’s opening night
– Listeners sound off!