Watchman Episode 185: Wars and Rumors of Wars — The Middle East Tinderbox Heats Up

Watchman Episode 185: Wars and Rumors of Wars — The Middle East Tinderbox Heats Up


Host Erick Stakelbeck interviews three top experts on the rising tensions between Iran and the U.S./Israel alliance, and if war is coming to the Middle East in 2021. How is Iran equipping its proxies across the region with deadly weapons—and is Iran closer than ever to acquiring a nuclear bomb? #MiddleEast #Iran #Israel
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How to drain the swamp | Liz Wheeler


We can’t successfully drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. unless we know what caused the problem.

Murder, He Wrote | D. James Kennedy Ministries


“Thou Shalt Not Murder” says the commandment but some today claim it does not apply to everyone. In fact, the cultural and political Left in America cares about one issue above all others-abortion.

On today’s program, you’ll see just how far they’re willing to go in pursuit of their grisly agenda. America was shocked five years ago by a series of undercover videos documenting that Planned Parenthood was engaged in illegally trafficking baby body parts. But instead of prosecuting the ghouls at Planned Parenthood, the radical Left has prosecuted the Christian whistleblowers who filmed the videos.

We uncover that story, and we’ll expose a fraudulent tactic the Left is now using to try to fool you.

Democrats’ Double Standards; Capitol Riots Hypocrisy | Larry Elder


After the U.S. Capitol riot, Democrats suddenly discovered law and order, and they no longer want to defund the police. But back during the Black Lives Matter riots throughout the summer of 2020, not so much. In this episode, Larry looks back at the comments made from the Democrats and the mainstream media, and how they served as cheerleaders for the rioters burning and looting in cities across America. Can you say . . . double standard?

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The Visible Fist Of The “Free Market” | Ep. 689 | Michael Knowles


Internet-savvy investors cost short-selling financial pros $70 billion, the establishment takes extraordinary measures to stop ordinary people from making money, and AOC demonstrates how little the Left wants unity.

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