An ‘INVASION’ against your financial privacy is coming | Glenn Beck

An ‘INVASION’ against your financial privacy is coming


Paul Merski, group executive vice president for the Independent Community Bankers of America, says it’s time to ’sound the alarm on this crazy onerous proposal from the Biden administration.’ Merski explains why the recent proposal — that banks must report to the IRS information about accounts with transactions of $600 or more — will cause financial privacy to ‘go out the window.’ Plus, he details how YOU can help independent banks fight this blatant violation of your Fourth Amendment privacy rights: Go to to send a message to your member of Congress today.
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EXPOSED: Dems hide HUGE vaccine mandate fees inside budget bill | Glenn Beck


There’s a LOT inside the $3.5 TRILLION budget bill being pushed by Democrats that’s going unreported. For example, House Democrats (Nancy Pelosi) hid — on page 168, to be exact — HUGE fees for certain businesses that refuse to comply with the Biden administration’s proposed vaccine mandates. The fees could be as much as 700 THOUSAND dollars. But that’s not all…in this clip, Glenn and Stu discuss more Democrat wishlist items hidden inside this reconciliation bill…
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Science Worship Leads To Death | Ep. 849 | Michael Knowles


Australia attacks its own citizens for protesting lockdown measures, Afghan refugees attack children and women in Wisconsin, and a new study shows the staggering number of people the lockdowns will have killed in the United Kingdom. Joe Biden is trying to crack down on American freedom with his tyrannical vaccine mandate.

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Babylon And The Great Reset // Brandon Holthaus // 412 Church San Jacinto


Message starts at 33 minute mark.

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Mark Levin exposes Democrats’ reckless schemes and lies


‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host tells ‘Hannity’ that Democrats are trying to ‘draw all concentration of power’ from the American public to D.C. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel Live: