The Left’s New Religion Is Targeting YOUR KIDS

The Left's New Religion Is Targeting YOUR KIDS


A preschool teacher is using LGBTQ flashcards to teach colors, a father wants to raise money for his child’s transition, and entire schools are being dedicated to the LGBTQ movement. Knowles weighs in.

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Dragging Kids Into The LGBT Cult | Matt Walsh


Today on the Matt Walsh Show, one day out from the premier of What Is A Woman? we’ll talk about a few stories that highlight why this film is necessary. Speaking of which, Lia Thomas was interviewed by Good Morning America where he defended his decision to steal opportunities from female swimmers. But in an exclusive clip from What Is A Woman?, which we’ll play today, a female swimmer on Thomas’s team reveals what it’s really like behind the scenes. Also, the mask comes off as the Left pushes for a ban on handguns. They just instated one in Canada, in fact.

Meanwhile, new revelations about the Texas shooter show just how many red flags were ignored before he committed his massacre. 

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‘The Justice System IS Rigged Against Republicans’ | The Glenn Beck Podcast


In the final turbulent two years of the Trump administration, Attorney General Bill Barr tells Glenn why he pulled out of retirement to answer Trump’s call to help stop a constitutional crisis. But he got more than he bargained for when he was forced to deal with impeachment, a summer of racial turmoil, a global pandemic, and attacks against President Trump from every angle. Barr joins Glenn to answer critics who say he didn’t do enough for the Trump admin while he was in office, why he believes Hillary Clinton’s Russiagate scandal was “seditious,” why the Durham investigation is just now hitting pay dirt, and much more, as detailed in his new book, “One Damn Thing After Another.”

As America faces threats from China, on our southern border, and from within our own corrupt institutions, Barr lays out America’s best path forward. 

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The Left Finally Admits The Deep State Is Real (Ep. 1779) | The Dan Bongino Show


The media is finally admitting that the deep state is real. And time to look at some shocking new information about the Uvalde massacre.

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CBN NewsWatch AM: May 31, 2022


Critics warn Biden Administration’s potential changes to Title IX could destroy women’s sports, and allow biological males who identify as females into locations meant for females, including locker rooms, restrooms, etc; funerals and visitations begin for the victims of the Uvalde school shooting; President Biden to meet with Federal Reserve Chairman Powell to talk about inflation as prices hit record highs; tensions in Jerusalem between Palestinians and Israelis on Jerusalem Day, which commemorates the capture of Jerusalem by Israel, and a look at why Jerusalem is so important to Jews; foreign policy experts from both parties criticize President Biden’s decision not to send long-range missile systems to Ukraine; the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) could have on people on faith; and mental health expert Dr Loren Martin talks to CBN’s “Healthy Living” about some of the causes of the mental health issues in America today.

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