The Most EVIL Christian Denomination… Christian Reaction! | Brylan Riggs


This is PROOF the END is near… The End of Christian Morality and Righteous Anger… New Law TARGETS Christians… | John MacArthur, Paul Washer. Depraved “Pastor” MOCKS God in Unthinkable Way…. United Methodist and The False Christian Church. How to Recognize a FALSE Church. T.D. Jakes recently gave His Woman Thou Art Loosed 2022 conference to his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts and it was a Major doctrinal disaster! Joel Osteen is a Motivational Speaker at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas. The END of Christianity in America Right Before Our Eyes? We are seeing an attack on Christianity and Truth in America more severe than ever before. It is because we have Christian musicians and Christian Teachers that are unwilling to stand for TRUTH.


EXCLUSIVE: Jack Hibbs on Israel’s END TIMES Wars; Why PROPHECY Just Sped Up | Erick Stakelbeck


In this exclusive clip from TBN’s Stakelbeck Tonight, host Erick Stakelbeck is joined by Pastor Jack Hibbs as they break down Israel’s End Times wars. Why is Biblical prophecy suddenly speeding up? Also, Pastor Hibbs exposes, from his new book “Living in the Daze of Deception”, the political and social demonic madness eroding our nation. It’s hard-hitting, inside analysis from a Biblical, prophetic perspective!

Watch now! #Israel #Prophecy #EndTimes #JackHibbs #ErickStakelbeck

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Why Mormonism is a SATANIC Perversion of Christianity! | THE BEAT by Allen Parr


The Bible says that if anyone preaches another gospel other than the one Paul preached, let them be CURSED. I don’t apologize for being blunt, but Mormonism is demonic. It is a perversion of the gospel and claims to be “Christian.” But, as you will see in this video, it’s far from Christian. But, more importantly, how do we explain this to our Mormon friends? This video will explore all of this and more about Mormonism and their beliefs. GET ACCESS TO OUR $7 BIBLE STUDY COURSE WANNA LEARN HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE?

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If Your Pastor Believes This, Leave Your Church NOW | Answers in Genesis


Here’s how one huge lie is DESTROYING society. In this presentation, Darrell Harrison explains what it means to be “woke,” why it’s unbiblical, and what Christians should do about its rise in popularity.

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The Siren Call that is Undermining Churches | D. James Kennedy Ministries


Incredibly, some “Christian” churches now recite a creed stating belief in, “the non-binary god whose pronouns are plural.” True Christians must flee unbelief and take refuge in churches that declare boldly the great central truths of the Christian faith passed down through the earliest centuries of the church. Hear more in the next “Truths That Transform.” #ChurchCriticism #SafetyInCritique #PastoralResponsibility #MarxismVsBible #WokeUnderminingGospel #UnvarnishedTruth #ChristianCritique #FaithfulPastors #GospelIntegrity #ChurchAccountability #BibleOverWoke #ChristianLeadership #DefendingTheFaith #ChurchSafety #ChristianityVsMarxism #GospelTruth #FaithInCriticism #ChurchAwakening #TruthMatters #TruthsThatTransform #DJKM