Behind New Student Protests Are Marxist Organizations: Mike Gonzalez | Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP


The United States is steadily being divided as social movement after social movement sweeps across the country, from Black Lives Matter to the protests over the Israel–Hamas war. According to Mike Gonzalez, co-author of “NextGen Marxism,” these protests are actually being fueled by Marxist organizations, which foment ideas that seek to introduce the next iteration of Marxism. One that’s not solely determined by economics and class, but instead by race, ethnicity, sexual identity, and any point of difference that can be exploited. We speak to Mike Gonzalez about the evolution of Marxism, how it has infiltrated student protests in the United States, and how the end goal of Marxism still remains the same—to destabilize society.

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Stormy Daniels Admits She’s Into Demons | Living Waters


In this eye-opening video, Ray Comfort dives into a surprising revelation from Stormy Daniels about her interest in demons. Following this intriguing topic, Ray takes the conversation deeper as he shares the Gospel with an interesting character at the Huntington Beach Pier. Witness a blend of shocking confessions and profound spiritual discussions in this must-watch video.

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The UN’s Secret Plan to Erode US Sovereignty | Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov


Unbeknownst to most people, the United Nations is actively helping and supporting the millions of migrants coming up through Central America — making their way to the US. You see, for South Americans coming to the United States—there are many different paths to take. South America is a huge continent, and depending on where you start, there are many different routes that’ll take you up north. However, if you look at a map, you’ll notice that all of those routes reach a choke point. This choke point is located near the border between Colombia and Panama—and it’s called the Darien Gap. It’s an area of land so inhospitable, that building roads (or infrastructure) there is nearly impossible. Meaning, that it’s a lawless area that you really want to avoid at all costs. However, if you’re a migrant coming to America — you have to go through this treacherous stretch of land in order to make your way up north. Which is exactly why upwards of 10 thousand people per day are crossing the Gap. What’s truly unexpected though, is what these migrants see after crossing over: the United Nations (and their affiliated NGOs) are waiting there, in Panama, on the other side of the gap, giving out food, prepaid cards, maps, as well as bus rides that’ll take them from Panama, all the way through Central America, all the way through Mexico—and then, right into the US via the southern border. Our team here at The Epoch Times went down to Panama in order to expose what the UN is truly up to.

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