The normalization of THESE movements PROVE we’re facing EVIL | Glenn Beck

The normalization of THESE movements PROVE we’re facing EVIL


There shouldn’t be any question at all whether children should be medically altered to appear as if they’re another gender, or if kids should be shown inappropriate material in school, or if toddlers should be exposed to drag shows. But yet, this is all now being shoved down the throat of society. So, Glenn just wants to ask: WHY? Why is it that so many people now want children as an audience to these things? It’s time to call this trend what it is: Evil.

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How Digital Currencies Could Mark the End of Financial Freedom in America: Nick Corbishley


The United States may soon have its own digital dollar, which would track transactions while giving banks and governments full control over how people spend money. The New York Federal Reserve has launched a 12-week pilot program for a central bank digital currency, with participants including Mastercard, Citi, HSBC, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and others. As this takes place, Nigeria has gone from rolling out a digital currency to forcing it on its citizens, by restricting the amount of physical cash people can withdraw. Central bank digital currencies not only represent a new form of money, but also a new potential for tyrannical social control. This is according to Nick Corbishley, investigative journalist and author of “Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom.” We speak with Corbishley about why what’s happening with digital currencies in New York and Nigeria matters for the world, how digital currencies can be used by authoritarian regimes, and where the world is heading if the new form of currency is not challenged. #digital #financialfreedom #federalreserve ⭕️ Donate to support our work:

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Kirk Cameron BANNED From Reading His Book to Kids | @AllieBethStuckey


Kirk Cameron BANNED From Reading His Book to Kids.

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The White House’s LGBTQ Circus | Allie Beth Stuckey


Today we’re starting off with more news on the Respect for Marriage Act, which is being signed into law today. The Biden administration has invited a drag queen (who regularly performs for kids) to the signing, which further proves that this isn’t just about moderate marriage policies – it’s a part of the sexual revolution tied together with these other sexual agendas. Another person the Biden admin has hoisted up is Sam Brinton, the former deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Department of Energy, who was recently caught multiple times stealing women’s luggage from airports. We discuss the news that he’s finally been fired. Then, we look at American Girl’s double down on its book promoting puberty blockers to young girls.

Links: Fox News: “Biden invites anti-police nonbinary drag queen to White House: ‘F— the police'”… NY Post: “Non-binary Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton fired after multiple luggage theft charges: reports”… USA Today: “American Girl stands behind body positivity book amid unprecedented spike in anti-LGBTQ reviews”… BlazeMedia: “Former transgender Navy SEAL announces de-transition, says he was ‘propagandized’ and pulled into a ‘cult’: ‘Everyone is converting all these kids into transgender'”… — Relevant Episodes: Ep 710 | Trump 2024? & The Disrespect for Marriage Act | Guest: Josh Hammer Ep 715 | The Bizarre Tale of the Luggage-Stealing Gender-Fluid Kink Star Ep 716 | Congress Perverts Marriage; The Church Must Resist | Guest: Pedro Gonzalez Ep 720 | American Girl Betrays Girls & the SEL Trojan Horse | Guest: James Lindsay — Christmas Merch: Use code ALLIE20 for 20% off the whole shop! Full collection:… — ► Buy Allie’s book, “You’re Not Enough (& That’s Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love”: ► Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: ► Connect with Allie on Social Media:

Want to End Abortion? Make Disciples | Guest: Roland Warren | Allie Beth Stuckey


Today we’re joined by Care Net president and CEO Roland Warren to discuss his pro-life ministry and how Christians should respond to and take action on the issue of abortion. We talk about how Christians should engage with their friends and family who are hostile to the pro-life perspective and discuss how we should view the life issue through the lens of discipleship. Then, we talk about how churches and pastors need to invest in this issue as ministry and why it’s a huge problem when pastors think of the abortion issue as a political matter rather than ministry. Then, Roland shares his deeply personal story of what led him to advocate for men to step up in the face of unplanned pregnancies and why this is a game-changer for the issue.

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