Iran’s New TERROR Tactic? Israel Hit With TONS Of Black Tar | Watchman Newscast


On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down reports that the massive oil spill that has devastated Israel’s coastline was an intentional act of environmental terrorism by Iran. New evidence reveals that a vessel left Iran in January and eventually dumped hundreds of tons of crude oil off the coast of Israel before returning to Iran, where it is currently docked. The spill has shut down Israel’s Mediterranean beaches, harmed wildlife and caused what some Israeli government officials are calling the worst environmental disaster in Israel’s history. Is this a devastating new terror tactic and could it come to a beach near you? #Israel #Iran #EnvironmentalTerrorism

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What do enormous layers of coal reveal about Noah’s Flood? – Dr. Kurt Wise


Taken from “Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 1 : Rocks & Fossils.”

Check it out on our website: After you’ve watched the documentary film and want to learn more, this is your next step. Explore the impact of the global flood on the Earth in these 20 new videos featuring scientists from the film. ☞

Purchase all three in the series here: In this much-requested video, Del Tackett follows paleontologist Kurt Wise into the air shaft of an old coal mine in the Pocket Wilderness (Tennessee) where they discuss the origin of coal. Dr. Wise explains how the conventional model of coal formation in swamps is insufficient for explaining the coal beds we actually see. He talks about research done by Steve Austin in terms of floating log mats. Dr. Wise earned his BA in geology from the University of Chicago, and his MA and PhD degrees in paleontology from Harvard University. He founded and directed the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College and taught biology there for 17 years. He then led the Center for Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for 3 years, before founding and directing the Center for Creation Research and teaching biology at Truett McConnell University for the last 7 years. His fieldwork has included research in early Flood rocks in the Death Valley region, late Flood rocks in Wyoming, and post-Flood caves in Tennessee. For more information on Dr. Kurt Wise, please go to

Finance Fascists: The Credit Chokehold That Will Bankrupt America | Glenn TV | Ep 92


“What’s your climate credit score?” That’s a question Americans may have to answer if the green global elites get their way. While the media has distracted us with Orange Man Bad! and Russia, Russia, Russia!, the Left has been busy working on the fundamental transformation of America with a primary pressure point — YOUR money through YOUR bank. Democrats, forgetting the words of MLK, like to group people into categories. They judge you based on what skin color you have, your religion, occupation, your ideology, and now … your carbon footprint. Glenn exposes how they’re now planning not only to categorize you, but to give you a score. It’ll determine everything for you: whether you can buy a home, get a new car, open a business … EVERYTHING. And if you don’t bend the knee? You’ll be blacklisted. But this isn’t some far-off conspiracy theory. Multiple big U.S. banks are part of a private U.S. financial group enacting these policies now. It’s here, and we’re ALL at risk. #financefascists #glennbeck #blazetv

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MORE Rocket Attacks Target U.S. Forces in Iraq as Pope Francis Prepares Visit | Watchman Newscast


On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the latest rocket barrage against U.S. forces in Iraq. On Wednesday morning, March 3rd, ten rockets struck Ain Al-Asad airbase, which houses U.S., Coalition and Iraqi troops. Although no Americans were injured, the attack marked yet another serious escalation by the Iranian regime and Iran-backed, Iraqi Shia militias. It was the fourth such volley of rockets fired against U.S. personnel in Iraq since February 15th and comes as Pope Francis prepares to visit the country from March 5th to March 8th. #Iraq #Iran #PopeFrancis Watch full episodes of The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck for FREE on the TBN App:… The Watchman Show is LIVE Wednesdays 11:30PM ET // Fridays 6:30PM ET on TBN FOLLOW ERICK:

What Makes a False Teacher? – Answers News: March 3, 2021


Man builds an ice bike; Professor tries to program chatbot AI to decode whale songs; ADF reviews consequences of “Equality” law; British police retreat from statement that being offensive is illegal; Researchers make claims about uncertain dates from partial DNA recovered from broken teeth; Cosmologists create more computer models to support their untestable stories; Progressives claiming to be a church in Nashville make headlines by saying the Bible is not God’s Word . . . and other articles reviewed during this March 3, 2021, broadcast of Answers News.

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“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:16–17

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