Clever Move: FDA Tries to Head Off Mice-Only Critics


As the world wakes up to the fact that the FDA approved the latest COVID boosters without having actually tested them on people, the health agency is using the media to convince the public that only testing in mice is just fine and not so unusual.

In an ABC broadcast on Yahoo!, a doctor says that, in the interest of getting the new boosters out quicker, the FDA allowed Pfizer and Moderna to only test the shots on mice. Meanwhile, an NBC report went further by trying to explain that this is no different from flu vaccine updates, which don’t always have human trials.

While neither media mentions that flu shots are quite different from gene-modifying mRNA vaccines, therefore making the flu shot-COVID booster analogy about the same as comparing apples to oranges, in his podcast, Jimmy Dore sums it up best by saying, “That’s right. It’s only been tested on mice. Now put it in your babies.”



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