The Real Reason Behind the ‘Climate Emergency’ Push | Crossroads Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILLIP


President Joe Biden is being pressed to declare a national emergency over climate change. This is despite an executive action and hundreds of billions of dollars he pushed through on the climate agenda. The question remains then: Why is the establishment still pushing for a ‘climate emergency’? We delve into this issue, and what such a declaration would mean.

In other news, there’s a battle on in the courts over whether the government can censor Americans by proxy. And meanwhile, despite the rolling indictments of former President Donald Trump, his America First agenda is growing in popularity. #climatechange #joebiden #agenda 🔴 Get unlimited access to EpochTV for just $1: 🤗 Watch ALL Crossroads episodes 👉 🤗 Watch ALL Epoch Original Documentaries on EpochTV: 1, Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities | A Documentary Every Parent Needs to Watch 👉 2, The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told 👉 3, Leaving California: The Untold Story | A Must-See Documentary 👉 and more original documentaries here 👉 4, Gotaways: The Hidden Border Crisis 👉