Bill Gates’ SHOCKING Population Control Plans | Kwak Brothers Freedom Files

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In today’s video, we’re diving into some big questions about Bill Gates. Some people are saying he’s trying to control the number of people in the world. They’re talking about a “death panel” idea and how much money he’s put into vaccines and health care for women. We look at times when Gates said things that make it seem like he wants fewer people on the planet. What’s he really up to?

We also check out what’s happening in Canada with people choosing to end their lives with help from doctors, and how groups like the World Economic Forum might be involved. Our video is all about guessing what Bill Gates might do next and why it’s a big deal if one person gets to make huge decisions for everyone. Video Credit: Chief Producer: Nick Redding Writer: Sam Kwak Writer: Daniel Kwak Writer: Brandon Rowell Editor : Jonathan Alipio How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in as Early as 5-7 Years… Close your 1st Rental Property In As Early as 3-6 Months: 📧 Join Our Telegram Channel/Chat…