Chinese military jet fleet patrols Taiwan; US carrier group enters South China Sea | China in Focus

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China’s Air Force is patrolling Taiwan again, this time with its largest fleet per day ever. Amid growing tensions there, a U.S. carrier group has entered the South China Sea. At the same time, Australia is spending over $170 million on a naval base upgrade. And limitations on South Korea’s missile range have been lifted, expanding their reach to Beijing. An internet VPN, and a study abroad experience in Taiwan. That’s what shifted one young man’s outlook on the communist system he grew up in. But as he tried to learn more about the outside world, something changed his life forever. On the eve of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary, control measures are escalating. Drones are grounded in Beijing — while even pigeons are blocked from flying there. And, inside a confession booth in a new state-run history museum, visitors are encouraged to speak freely about the Chinese regime — but in front of a camera.