Christian Nationalism: Unraveling the Controversy | D. James Kennedy

Christian Perspective Government - Politics Lawlessness & the Spread of Evil Marxist Infiltration of Government Marxist Infiltration of Media


In his Farewell Address, George Washington stressed the importance of religion and morality to our nation’s political health and well-being. Today, Christians face resistance, even from fellow believers, when they try to become more politically and culturally active. Recently, some are using the term “Christian Nationalism” to fearmonger Christians into silence. Hear more in the next episode of “Truths That Transform.” #ReligionAndPolitics #ChristianEngagement #MoralityMatters #ChristianNationalismDebate #FaithInAmerica #PoliticalProsperity #FaithCommunity #CulturalEngagement #TruthsThatTransform #DJKM

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It is NOT about politics, but exposing and warning every believer of the Biblical truth of Christ's return. Jesus said to WATCH for the signs and trends that will be like birth pains getting more and more visible, frequent, and explosive as His time approaches! ARE YOU WATCHING? ARE YOU READY TO FACE GOD?