EXPOSED: What the Deep State Got Away With While You Weren’t Looking | Glenn Beck

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The Russia-Ukraine war, the Hamas-Israel war, Iran and China threats, GOP speaker of the House chaos. Those are just a sample of insane events happening in the world, but how many other critical domestic news stories have been buried as a result? The COVID origin story still remains the biggest story on the planet that Washington doesn’t want us to shine a light on. New information had been dropping almost every week for the last several months, thanks in large part to disclosures from the House Oversight Committee on COVID origins. We were discovering who was involved, what they knew, WHEN they knew it, and the ensuing cover-ups to make sure NO ONE knew what had been going on. Glenn cuts through world chaos to follow the money. The trail twists through multiple layers of government (including the CIA!), Big Finance, and Big Pharma and winds up at ground zero in a biolab in Wuhan. In the end, Glenn exposes a massive medical-industrial complex that’s been quietly metastasizing for decades. And the Deep State is counting on other crises to keep you distracted while they get away with corruption in the dark.

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