FACT CHECK: Biden Claims NO Responsibility for Gas Crisis? | American Center for Law and Justice

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Today the United States unilaterally banned imports of Russian oil and gas. While it is imperative that the U.S. ceases all funding for Russia as it commits war crimes in Ukraine, there has been no relief for Americans here at home at the gas pump.

President Biden announced this decision:
“Today I’m announcing the United States is targeting the main artery of Russia’s economy. We’re banning all imports of Russian oil and gas and energy. That means Russian oil will no longer be accepted at U.S. ports, and the American people will deal another powerful blow to Putin’s war machine.”

President Biden also admitted he could not get other countries to buy into this concept:
“We’re moving forward on this ban, understanding that many of our European allies and partners may not be in a position to join us. The United States produces far more oil domestically than all of the European – all the European countries combined. In fact, we’re a net exporter of energy. So, we can take this step when others cannot. But we are working closely with Europe and our partners to develop a long-term strategy to reduce their dependence on Russian energy as well.”

Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team break down President Biden’s statements and break down his administration’s responsibility in the ongoing energy crisis.