Global Farm Shutdowns & Power Rationing: What’s REALLY Going On | Guest: Justin Haskins | Allie Beth Stuckey

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Today we’re joined by Justin Haskins, author and editorial director of the Heartland Institute, to discuss the energy crisis, authoritarianism, and the crackdown on free speech. We discuss what’s going on with the energy crisis, particularly in Europe and California. Sweden, Germany, and the U.K. are all suffering draconian measures by their governments that include shutting down their farms in the name of saving the environment. All of this as the Biden administration, other world leaders, and corporations are cracking down on dissent. #news #politics #christianity

NOTE: Portions of this video podcast have been edited to comply with YouTube community “guidelines.” For the full, uncensored version of this episode, watch on or listen to the audio version anywhere you get your podcasts.

Show Links: NBC: “Gazprom keeps pipeline to Germany switched off as G7 caps Russian oil prices”… Wall Street Journal: “European Manufacturers Reel From Russian Gas Shutoff”… BBC: “Why Dutch farmers are protesting over emissions cuts”… Fox Business: “California’s grid leaning heavily on natural gas to survive energy crisis, despite green push”… Washington Post: “A Twitter user insulted a German politician. Police then raided his house.”… Euronews: “Hungary: ‘Critics silenced’ in social media arrests as EU debates Orban’s powers”… FEE Stories: “UK Man Arrested For ‘Malicious Communications’ After Posting Meme Mocking the Transgender Flag”… — Previous Episodes with Justin: Ep 344 | Ep 470 | Ep 578 | ► Buy Allie’s book, “You’re Not Enough (& That’s Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love”: ► Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: ► Connect with Allie on Social Media: