How the Trans Movement Conquered American Life | The Transgender Empire | Christopher F. Rufo

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The transgender movement has conquered American life. Activist teachers have converted classrooms into propaganda. Influencers are driving billions of social media impressions. And doctors are cutting up kids in the name of gender-affirming care. The story goes deeper than you might imagine, featuring rage-filled intellectuals, a trans billionaire benefactor, and large scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto. This is the story of the transgender empire, how it came into being, and how it hopes to change the face of American society forever.

Intro 00:0000:34 The Origins of Transgenderism 00:3503:44 The School-to-Gender-Clinic Pipeline 03:4506:49 The Synthesis of All Oppressions 06:5009:41 Frankenstein’s Nihilism 09:4212:24

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