Just Another HYPOCRITE Democrat Politician! | My 2 Cents | Huckabee

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Democrats are at it again with more hypocrisy. For example, Nancy Pelosi recently went to a hair salon in San Francisco, even though it’s been closed since March. Why do elected officials override their own rules? Here are Gov. Mike Huckabee’s “TWO CENTS” on the matter. —– Watch Huckabee Saturdays 8/7c and again Sundays 9/8c exclusively on TBN Connect with Mike Huckabee: https://www.facebook.com/mikehuckabee/ https://twitter.com/GovMikeHuckabee Stay updated with Huckabee On TBN: https://www.facebook.com/HuckabeeOnTBN/ https://twitter.com/HuckabeeOnTBN https://www.instagram.com/huckabeeontbn/ —– #NancyPelosi #Democrats #HuckabeeonTBN