Kirk Cameron: Parents MUST KNOW what Scholastic Book Fairs are FORCING on kids | Glenn Beck

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WARNING! For decades, the Scholastic Book Fair has been a staple in a child’s educational experience. Parents have always seen it as a safe and fun way to get kids excited about reading. But now, like many other once-trusted parts of society, the Scholastic Book Fair has embraced wokeism and become a “wolf in grandma’s clothing.” The Scholastic Book Fair is no longer a safe place to send your kids, warns actor and producer Kirk Cameron. He joins Glenn to expose the kind of inappropriate and propagandistic material that the Scholastic Book Fair is now pushing on our children. But Cameron also brings an alternative. He is now helping launch SkyTree Book Fairs, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing childhood innocence and character through book fairs that inspire the imagination while upholding the truth — and your kids’ school can hold one.
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