Leak Exposes DARK WORLD of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ | Glenn TV

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In a special in-depth exposé, Glenn blows the lid off one of the biggest scandals in medical history you’ve probably never heard of. This past March, journalist Michael Shellenberger’s organization, Environmental Progress, leaked the WPATH Files. WPATH is the World Professional Association for Transgender Health — without most of us knowing what it is, it has been setting the standards for transgender medical “care” for way too long.

Although its name makes it sound reputable and scientific, it is actually just a terrifying mix of surgeons, therapists, and activists working together to create “standards of care” that are neither standards nor about care. The WPATH Files are a collection of internal messages between this grab-bag of gender ideologues. Environmental Progress made all of the files publicly available and asked for other news outlets to dig into them. Very few outlets took him up on that offer, but the Glenn TV team did. And what we found was SHOCKING.

From Frankenstein-like experiments on minors and the mentally ill, to admissions on how to scam the insurance system, you will understand why Glenn is demanding doctors be jailed, and we all bring a reckoning to this activist cult. WPATH, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all have blood on their hands.

Glenn is joined by Mia Hughes, Environmental Progress researcher and author of WPATH Files, who tells Glenn that “the Hippocratic Oath has long been abandoned” by these doctors. Glenn is also joined in studio by de-transitioner Luka Hein and her lawyer Harmeet Dhillon. They are suing her doctors, who she says coerced her into a life-altering medical transition. And Luka is not alone.

There are dozens of other de-transitioners using lawfare to end this medical malpractice operating under the guise of compassion and care. The reckoning has just begun.

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