Legions of Liars Change Nations, Even America! CNN newly confesses on air…

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Jesus warned us long ago, “Take heed that no one deceives you.” Obviously this was spoken to His followers for a warning of His return and during that time a legion of liars would rise up and so confuse the entire world that the vast majority would accept a Satan possessed man as the real Messiah. He would come with claims to solve to all the problems of climate change, pestilences like Covid, famines, and wars? The world will want things to go back to the old days of peace and plenty and will fall into His trap. Lies and traps are the ways of Satan and all his alien hoards.

Do you remember in the last four years how clear it supposedly was that President Trump was an endless liar, but not President Biden. The entire mainstream media made it clear Trump was a traitorous Russian sympathizer, lied about everything, and then tried to overthrow the government.

It does not matter what you think on that matter, who you voted for, or what YOU THOUGHT IN THE LAST FEW YEARS. Why? Because the question of how can an entire nation or nations be deceived like Jesus warns us about in Matthew 24 has now come to light. And we yes cannot change what we have already done.

But think of this. Millions of Americans have been completely deceived. Deceived into the extreme place of hysteria over the last few years. Were you?

In this one video example, watch how quietly and slowly the places who made such deceiving assaults on certain politicians have come clean. In this video clip CNN shrugs their shoulders and admits many of their vicious attacks were lies. In this, after the fact event confession, and after millions were manipulated by them to believe the lie and voted or not voted in a hotly contested election for the leader of the free world, we have to ask, are we free? How many voted they way they did because of the lies?

If millions can be deceived that easily in America for an election, how many will be deceived to bow to the master of lies? Legions of liars can have great power to deceive. We have seen it! What will you do next time to keep from being deceived?