LOVE FOR DR. FAUCI? Here’s why the coronavirus expert isn’t ALWAYS CORRECT!

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The media seems to have a deep, unrelenting love for Dr. Fauci. Sure, the coronavirus expert is great. He’s smart. He’s knowledgeable, and likely gives the President sound advice on COVID-19 and how to proceed from a HEALTH perspective. But there are more perspectives to consider…like the strength of the economy, too. Who’s advocating for that? Because sometimes Fauci — and other doctors who advocate for lockdowns or quarantines — aren’t always correct. For example, Liberty University was NAILED by the media in March when the school told students to return to campus after Spring Break. And, the result? They currently have ZERO cases of the virus. Americans are smart. We need to REOPEN the economy and use advice from those like Fauci to determine if it makes sense in our individual communities and situations to venture back out into the world.