MARCH 20 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Half of California to get COVID 19, Malaria Medicine, Lockdown Spreads

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From Glenn Beck reporting…

Here is your March 20 Coronavirus Update: -252,000 cases worldwide, up by almost 50,000 cases from yesterday -10,000 fatalities worldwide, up from 9,200 yesterday -89,000 have now recovered, up by 4,000 from yesterday -Only 13 countries do NOT have cases -5 percent of cases require hospitalization, staying steady from yesterday but a huge decrease from 19 percent three weeks ago. -In the US: 14,366 cases and 217 fatalities. -California residents required to “shelter in place” as the entire state goes into lockdown -CA Governor Newsom said half of California (56 percent of residents) should expect to contract COVID 19 in the next 8 weeks. -If Gov. Newsom is correct, based on today’s statistics, over one million Californians would need an ICU bed — but there are only 8,500 ICU beds in the entire state. -Several congressmen and congresswomen have been accused of insider trading, though currently there’s not enough information to prove it. -Diarrhea IS an early symptom of the virus -A Z pack has been shown to cure 100 percent of the symptoms -Chloroquine — a drug used to treat malaria — has also shown to help cure patients, though the side effects of mixing these two drugs is not yet known.