New AI Technologies That Should Scare You To Death!

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The promise of neurotechnology to improve lives and to gain insight into the human brain is growing. How can we uphold data privacy and personal freedom as we make strides towards a world of brain transparency? ⭐ SPEAKERS: 📌Nicholas Thompson Chief Executive Officer, The Atlantic 📌Nita A. Farahany Robinson O. Everett Professor of Law and Philosophy; Director, Duke Science and Society, Duke University ⭐ CATEGORY: 📌 World Economic Forum ✅ Creative Commons

Glenn Beck found “Nita Robinson, a professor of law and philosophy at Duke, presented a video that depicted a “hypothetical” situation where a person’s brainwaves are monitored by their earbuds, which have the ability to record brainwaves, decode them with AI, and then send brain reports to their boss and are accessible by government agencies.”


Another frightening example happened as “AI scammer FAKED daughter’s KIDNAPPING, mom has NO IDEA HOW.”

“Like something out of Star Trek, a team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin developed a new AI that is able to decode brain activity and produce a transcript of a person’s thoughts with reasonable accuracy.”

If you want to learn more about AI interference with elections you can watch this clip from the Glenn Beck Program.