SPECIAL: The Gender Delusion | Part 1 | D. James Kennedy Ministries

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We are created male and female in the image of God for specific purposes. But now, some in our culture are in the throes of a delusion which says that biology has nothing to do with male and female, and that anyone can be whatever “gender” they want. From biological men competing in women’s sports to beer advertisements, gender issues have become a cultural flashpoint. Find out what’s happening, why it’s important, and how to respond to it through this “Truths That Transform,” as we bring you part one of our special documentary, “The Gender Delusion.” To request a DVD copy of the full documentary special, click here: https://offers.djameskennedy.org/2023… #genderdelusion #gender #genderdysphoria #djkm #christianvalues #standfortruth


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