Target Goes All In on Gender Grooming | Allie Beth Stuckey

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Today we’re talking about why we will no longer be shopping at Target. Although the company has had a history of promoting liberal ideas, now it’s just gone too far. Target recently teamed up with two clothing companies to sell clothing that espouses transgender ideology, including clothing for kids, as well as clothing items like “chest binders,” which can harm young women. We also discuss one of the biggest tragedies of the trans movement: how the actual well-being of these confused kids is almost always ignored by the people encouraging them to continue their transition. We examine stories from people who “de-transitioned” to live as their biological gender once again, and we also look at two tragic stories of parents who were denied access to their kids by the state because they weren’t sufficiently “affirming” of the child. #Target #TomboyX #GenderAffirmingCare #Politics #News #Theology

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