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Climate change is becoming an increasingly divisive topic, but what does the Bible say about it? In this video, Bryan Osborne shares his biblical perspective on fossil fuels and climate change. To learn about how coal relates to the biblical flood, check out this book:… ======== Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (Christianity-defending) ministry dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ effectively. On our YouTube channel, you’ll find answers to your most pressing questions about key issues like creation, evolution, science, the age of the earth, and social issues. We desire to train believers to develop a worldview based on the Bible and expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas and their implications. You’ll hear from top teachers such as Ken Ham, Bryan Osborne, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, Tim Chaffey, Bodie Hodge, Dr. Gabriela Haynes, Dr. Terry Mortenson, and more. Please help us continue to share the gospel around the world:

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