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Facebook censors my video, calling it “partly false.”

Emmanuel Vincent proudly says “all the climate scientists that I know personally agree that climate change is real, that it’s serious, and we can do something about it.” Well, of course climate change is real! But how serious a threat it is, and whether we can do much about it with today’s technology deserves debate. Victor’s little group STOPS debate.


To make sure you receive the weekly video from Stossel TV, sign up here: —- Before Facebook censored it, my video, “Are We Doomed”, got more 24 million views. You can watch it here:… Now Facebook won’t show it to many people — not even to my subscribers. Facebook’s also punishing Stossel TV by showing our other videos less. All because Facebook foolishly gave Emmanuel Vincent, a recent PhD graduate from France, the power to censor. Vincent assembled a group of like-minded scientists into a group called Climate Feedback that declared parts of my video “misleading,” or “partially false.”