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Our study of “The Coming of the Last World Superpower” on Hal Lindsey Presents continues this week. And what a week it will be!

You’ve probably heard about “the seventy weeks of Daniel” or “Daniel’s seventieth week.” But you may have struggled to really understand it. This week we will examine the concept of the seventy weeks, and it won’t just be a matter of opinion. We’ll use the Bible itself as our guide.

Daniel 7:25 tells us about the Antichrist when it says, “He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.”

“Time, times, and half a time” is a characteristically Hebrew way of saying 1 + 2 + ½. We would say 3 ½ years. This fits perfectly with other passages in Daniel and the Book of Revelation which talk about a seven-year period that will be divided in half. It will be the last of Daniel’s 70 weeks of years. During the first half of that period (meaning the first 3 ½ years), the Antichrist will bring the whole world under his control.

How will Antichrist control the world? Through economics. His mark of the beast economic system will require his mark for all buying and selling. People worry now about their ongoing level of wealth and their comforts. But those who refuse the mark won’t just lose money. They will lose the ability to buy or sell anything – including food. And everybody wants to eat!

We stand on the verge of the last, world superpower, and it won’t be the United States. It will be the Roman Empire version 2. I hope the US will experience a revival of such proportions that the followers of Christ will occupy key positions throughout the land. That would mean that the Rapture – Jesus snatching away His people – would weaken the nation so drastically that it would cease to be a superpower. Right now, it doesn’t look that way. It looks like the nation will cease to be a superpower because of internal corruption. But God is still at work, and there remains hope.

On this program we will also look at the event that kicks off the final seven years – Antichrist making a covenant guaranteeing the security of Israel.

We’ll have all this and more as we continue our study, “The Coming of the Last World Superpower” on this week’s Hal Lindsey Presents. Look for it on Daystar, Sunday at 11PM Eastern Time. Or, you can watch it online anytime at or If you missed any episodes, you can catch up by visiting

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