This Brit Has a Dire Warning for America | Douglas Murray | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 89

Culture Lawlessness and the Spread of Evil The Rise of Hatred


The state of America is worse than we realize: The Left’s obsession with rewriting history has ushered in guilt, fear, and a “silent majority.” But British author Douglas Murray asks, “Why should the majority remain silent?” In his latest book, “The Madness of Crowds,” Murray warns that something dark has overtaken Western society. And having viewed the American Left firsthand, he now warns that we’re heading down the same path as much of Europe did – and leading the rest of the world with us. He and Glenn discuss what he learned from marching with Antifa, the dangers of focusing on race and eroding masculinity, and whether it’s actually time to be more like France as even President Macron warns that we’ve gone too far. But ultimately, Murray stresses with cautious hope that it’s always possible to return to truth.

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