Veteran CCP Member Heads Nottingham University for 12 years | Epoch News | China Insider

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The leaked files of 1.95 million CCP members in Shanghai has put the communist regime’s infiltration of the West back in the spotlight. How startling is this infiltration? A recent survey found that Yang Fujia, the former chancellor of Nottingham University in the UK, is also a veteran CCP member. —————— 💁Support our mission to bring you honest journalism: 🎁Send real news and traditional values to your loved ones every week with our gift subscription plans: Due to the new restrictions on social media, our channel may be affected. If you would like to stay tuned to our channel, and to receive notifications and updates, please provide us with your email by clicking the link below. Thank you for your support! 📧 👉 Follow us on Parler: 🔺 Follow us on Rumble: ✅