What Israel Found in the Tunnels of Gaza | China Unscripted

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Israel found something shocking in the tunnels of Gaza. And it leads right back to China.

This is a clip from Podcast 251 China is the Agent Provocateur in the Middle East    • #251 China is the Agent Provocateur i…   Read the article: China’s Support of Hamas: Evidence and Actions https://www.jewishpolicycenter.org/20… Joining us once again is GUERMANTES ‘G-MAN’ LAILARI. He is a retired US Air Force Foreign Area Officer specializing in the Middle East and Europe, as well as strategy, irregular warfare, and missile defense. He’s also a member of the Jewish Policy Center Board of Fellows, and a visiting researcher at the Institute for National Defense and Security Research. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit that bell icon to get notified when new videos come out: https://bit.ly/3u1eKSZ And check out our other channel China Uncensored:    / @chinauncensored   Merchandise: https://www.chinaunscripted.com/merch… Our website: https://www.chinaunscripted.com/ YouTube demonetizes our videos, which is why we rely on support from viewers like you. Please join our 50¢ army at:   / chinaunscripted   https://www.chinauncensored.locals.com https://www.chinaunscripted.com/support