What’s Behind the Movement to Sexualize Children? | Guest: Katy Faust | Allie Beth Stuckey

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Katy Faust, founder of Them Before Us, discusses children’s rights and the ongoing effort by the Left to mutate the family unit. We talk about multiple recent stories highlighting the depravity that’s leaving children without two parents (a mother and a father) in the house. An elite private school normalizes the idea of “male pregnancy,” and we talk about why people who follow this ideology feel such a startling need to get affirmation from kids. Then, we talk about the very important idea that if you’re not discipling your kids, someone else will. We answer the question, “To whom do children belong?” (spoiler: parents!) and address how trans parenthood really affects children. We also talk gay parenthood, surrogacy, the innate desire for a mom and a dad that lives in all of us from birth, and how wrong it is to deprive children of what they deserve. #christianity #parenting #relatable

Timecodes: [00:00] Intro [01:50] Interview with Katy begins [04:39] Private school pregnant man announcement & needing child affirmation [09:05] Discipling your kids [17:30] Groomers look for gaps [21:31] To whom do children belong? [29:06] Biological parents who do a bad job [32:49] New stickers! [33:44] How trans parenthood affects children [45:14] Dave Ruben and surrogacy