#15 Truth In Sixty Seconds. Restore our Christian Heritage!

Truth In Sixty Seconds

Hello I am Matthew, and this is Truth For The Times, in 60 Seconds.

Now that this is Thanksgiving Week, I am concerned about the nation’s loss of our Christian heritage. Many Christians, like the pilgrims, fled England because of the heavy persecution the tyrant king used to try and destroy them. Many suffered in prison for the simple sin of not attending the king’s Christian church denomination. For preservation of life, faith, and a future they weathered incredible trials and sacrificed everything to gain religious freedom. And they laid down a foundation of truth that forged the groundwork for our great nation to be birthed on God’s moral laws. No nation, except Israel, had such a strong beginning of freedom and justice.

Today Americans have forgotten God and the true value of religious faith.

Food, football, and fun have become a non-thanksgiving day of play and family pleasure. Few really feel the need to give thanks to God. Everyone seems to want Christmas fun to begin right after the fun of Halloween. Faith has been replaced with pure pleasure, If you do not commit to restoring our heritage, our nation will be lost. God has commanded His people to never let the next generation forget Him! Plan now how you will restore the truth in your family.

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